Amazing Amazon Bargain Store Updated This Morning

We are a day late running the Amazon bargain finder software this week but seems like the wait was worthwhile as this week we have revealed:

  • 658 Amazon bargains which satisfy our criteria
  • 193 of which are NEW to The Amazing Bargain Store
  • 192 of which at discounted at 90% or more!

All of the products discounted at over 90% are revealed in the new “90%+ OFF!” department of The Amazing Bargain Store – and all the new bargains are revealed in the NEW THIS WEEK! department.

Every product we feature has to fulfil the following criteria:

  • Massive discounts of over 80%
  • Top Star ratings of more than 3 out of 5
  • At least 5 customer reviews

Every product revealed on the website sites shows the original list price, the current price and the discount so from there just click on the product image itself to be taken to for the full details.

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