Amazon Doesn’t Always Have The Very Best Prices for Holiday Shopping.

Yes, it’s true! Amazon isn’t always best on price.

Often other stores provide lower prices for the same product.

As you start your holiday purchasing this year, you might wish to keep in mind that Amazon does not constantly offer the best offers. In fact, as we all know, Amazon doesn’t often even show you the best bargains to be found on the site!

Google’s price contrast website revealed that merchants provide lower prices on’s website for about 60% of the online merchant’s bestsellers. It’s a timely tip to search, given that numerous Americans will certainly do their vacation purchasing on Amazon Prime.

Walmart, as an example, is making a big play to aim to better’s rates. The warehouse store was defeating Amazon on 20% of top-selling toys that both merchants were marketing, and it matched its cost on an extra 35% of products.

All of this just goes to show that sites such as The Amazing Bargain Store are invaluable for finding the very best products on Amazon and the absolute best price – and always discounted by at least 50% off normal list price.