Amazon’s Bestselling Bargains Revealed!

The Amazing Bargain Store just got even more Amazing! Later today we will refresh the Amazon bargains featured within The Amazing Bargain Store, but this time we will have a new “department”.

We have tweaked the search software a bit so that it now also reveals not only the usual bargains, but also reveals Amazon’s best-selling bargains and presents them to you in a way that Amazon itself does not. You can’t, for example, search the Amazon bestseller lists in any way. There is no way to list products in order of star ratings, reviews count or product price. The Bestseller list is the list and as far as Amazon is concerned, and you get what Amazon gives you.

There are twenty top-level department bestseller lists with 100 products on each at Amazon. That means that there are 2000 products on 100 different  web pages. So just taking a peek at them all would take you several hours – and that’s not taking any time to check them out properly to see if you want to buy them!

Our newly tweaked software then will interrogate Amazon’s Best-sellers lists and filter out the best of the bunch to reveal and present to you only the best-selling products that satisfy the following criteria:

  • Have a star rating of 4.5 or more
  • Have been in the top 100 for at least 90 days (where Amazon show this detail)
  • Have 15 or more reviews
  • Be on sale at a discount of at least 25%
  • Be static, or rising, in the top 100 list

Therefore not only will we be revealing the absolute bargains on Amazon, but we will also be revealing the best-selling Amazon bargains!

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