New Year Sale Bargains!

Hope you had a great Christmas! I certainly did. And I am now gearing up for New Years Eve and the New Year. Let’s hope it’s a better one for everyone!

This email is to inform you that this morning we refreshed the website at The Amazing Bargain Store. This week we have over 700 bargains listed with 238 new products that we haven’t featured before!

To recap, every product we feature feature has to fulfil the following criteria:

  • High popularity (as defined by Amazon)
  • Massive discounts of over 80%
  • Top Star ratings of more than 3 out of 5
  • At least 5 customer reviews

You would not find these on your own at Amazon because Amazon doesn’t put them in front of you!

And for even more New Year bargains don’t forget to also visit The Amazing Discount Store for many more great products all discounted heavily. 
Every product revealed on both sites shows the original list price, the current price and the discount so from there just click on the product image itself to be taken to for the full details.

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